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Learn Marketing for Tech Companies
Pay $0 Until You're Hired

If you don't get a job,
the entire program is free

Work at a Tech Company

No coding or technical experience necessary. Our career curriculum has helped people get interviews at Facebook, Dropbox, Amazon, Box, Google and more.

Learn from Anywhere

All you need is a laptop and good internet. We don't have a physical location, so learn from home or on the go.

$0 Upfront. No Hidden Fees.

You don't pay anything until you make your first paycheck. No loans. No hidden fees. Instead, you pay us 15% of your salary after you land a job with a salary of $40k/year or more.

Break Into the Tech Industry

By the end of the program, you will have hands on experience in the growth marketing world and introductions and interviews with tech companies looking to hire growth marketers.

FREE Until You're Hired

Training is done through live, online classes and real-time conversations.
You'll spend 2 hrs per day in class, with additional project work.

  • Our next batch begins February 10th, 2020.  Please fill out our application to be considered.

  • The course takes place for 2 hours M-TH for 3 months.

  • Tuition: $0 up-front + 15% of income for 2 years ($21k maximum total payment)

  • Upfront tuition option: $12k up-front + no income based payment

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How OnDelta Works

  1. Apply Online: Through our application process we screen for your experience in marketing, copywriting skills, and your adaptability.

  2. Training: Over 3 months, we will teach you everything you need to know to get hired by a tech company as a growth marketer. Our curriculum also includes career prep and soft skills.

  3. Job Placement: After you graduate, we help you get job interviews and offers through our hiring partner network.

  4. Then You Pay: That's right! You only start paying us back after you get a job that's making you over $40k/yr. We take 15% of your income for two years.


Upcoming Programs

Start DateSeat AvailabilityApplication Deadline
February 10th, 2020OpenFebruary 7th, 2020
March 16, 2020OpenMarch 13th, 2020
April 13th, 2020OpenApril 10th, 2020

Want to Hire A Grad?

No finder fees. No hidden costs. We charge $0 in hiring fees.


Course Curriculum

There are three sections of lessons within the OnDelta growth course.

Marketing and Growth

We go over digital marketing fundamentals, product growth, user acquisition, user retention, marketing experiments, paid acquisition and more.

Soft Skills

We want to teach you soft skills to make you an effective employee. Material includes: How to Self Assess, Remote Communication Techniques, and more!

Career Prep

We will cover key job hunting skills that will help you stand out. We've created a simple, proven, complete system designed to help you land the job that you’ve always wanted.

What Will I Learn?

Digital Marketing

Copywriting, Content Marketing, Social Media, SEO/SEM

Landing Pages

UTMs, A/B Testing, Google Optimize, Optimizely

User Acquisition

Media, Mailchimp, Hubspot, B2B and B2C Strategies

Growth Team Structure

Freelancers, Growth Roles, Trello, Slack, Growth Interview Questions

Analyzing Data

JSON Objects, Segment, Google Analytics, Events, Google Tag Manager

User Psychology

Psychology behind social platforms, Human History, Content, Copywriting

User Retention

Defining Retention, Defining User Segments, Reviving Lost Users


Learn the basics of building web pages and using version control

Paid Media Acquisition

The Paid Media Funnel, Facebook ads, Google Ads, and Other Ad Types

Finding Product Market Fit

Creating your Product Roadmap, User Interviews, Customer Feedback

How To Go Viral

Email Referral Loops, Content, Social Algorithms

Cohort Analysis

A subset of behavioral analytics that takes the data from a data set

OnDelta Student Testimonials

Ryan S.

OnDelta Graduate

Signing up for the OnDelta program is definitely one of the best decisions I have made in my career development since graduating from college.

Christina N.

Current Student

I have gained in-depth insights into how different algorithms play out on various social media platforms. I’ve learned the tactics on how to create compelling marketing copies on different sites.

Frequently Asked Questions

OnDelta classes are completely remote and take place on a video conference tool called Zoom. As long as you have good wifi and a quiet place to work, you'll be able to take our class.

To take an OnDelta class you must be over 18 years old and a United States citizen.

Sure! Although, if you aren't a US Citizen you cannot take advantage of our ISA payment option. Non-US citizens can pay upfront.

Yes! As long as you are a US Citizen, you can still take advantage of our ISA payment option. All non-US citizens can also take our course, but you have to pay our $12k upfront fee.

Sure! You can find our course syllabus and curriculum here.

We have a pre-course that you can take online here.

You are not allowed to miss more than 3 OnDelta classes.

During the course you will be working on group projects, and if you miss lectures you won't get the benefits of the course.

OnDelta classes take place for 2 hours a day either in the morning or at night (depending on the cohort you join). This schedule is to ensure that you can take the course before or after work.

It depends and the amount is different for every participant. The total amount is based on your salary after you graduate from OnDelta.

Some important points:

  • If your annual salary is less than $40k/yr or $3,333/mo you don't pay us anything.
  • You’ll never pay us more than $21k.

OnDelta students don't have to pay upfront! We want anyone to be able to take this course regardless of their background.

To pay for OnDelta, we use income share agreements (ISAs).

With an ISA, you pay us 15% of your salary for 24 months as long as you're making over $40k/year (or the equivalent of $4,166.66 per month) in growth marketing.

The payment amount is capped, so the maximum you could pay us is $21k.

No. Income share agreements are a financing option, not a loan.

We do everything we can!

The goal of OnDelta is to help you learn the skills you need to land a job in growth marketing. After you graduate, we do everything in our power to help you land the job of your dreams in the tech industry.

Throughout your time at OnDelta you are assigned a career counselor. Your counselor helps you create your resume, find the companies you'd like to work with, and prepare for interviews and salary negotiations.

For the first seven weeks of class you also have 1 hour soft skill lectures. This is to help teach you the ins and outs of working in the tech industry.

With all of that being said, it is still up to you to apply for a job and go through a company's interview process to land the job.

At a minimum, you need:
1.6 GHz Processor
Web Cam

In descending order, these are the recommended operating systems: macOS, Windows 10, Ubuntu

Chromebooks are not allowed.