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Why I Started OnDelta

How I went from studying computer science to running a school for growth.

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The OnDelta Application Process

The OnDelta application process focuses on testing your effort and ability to read by direction. Marketing ability is a hard to skill to test for. When you go into a marketing job interview the...

By: The OnDelta Team

Soft Skill Sunday: Making Assumptions

*Note: This is the first post in a series of blog posts I’m writing around OnDelta’s soft skill lectures. If you’re interested in learning more about the program, check out our website here.**

By: Mehak Vohra

Growth Marketing vs Traditional Marketing

As marketing continues to evolve, the call for growth marketing over traditional marketing is quickly rising. In traditional marketing efforts, it can be hard to track effectiveness...

By: Ryan Singleton

Why I Started OnDelta

I wanted to be self-reliant by the time I graduated from college. This was the *one and the only goal* I set for myself going into my freshman year of college at Purdue University.

By: Mehak Vohra