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OnDelta Application Blog Post

Instructions for the OnDelta Application Blog Post

Blog Post Instructions

As a way for us to test your copywriting skills and marketing capabilities, we would like for you to write a blog post *__(min 400 words)__* about your favorite growth marketing strategy.

To write a great post, you need to make sure that you hit these specific points:

  • Choose a specific company and a growth campaign/strategy that they used. This could be through any type of channel or strategy like paid media, social media, billboards, or even product changes. (For example: Hotmail's "I Love You" email campaign).

  • Explain the strategy, and why it makes sense that they chose to do it.

  • Show the results from the strategy.

  • What the company could have done better or some other ideas for the company.

  • Please make sure to publish your blog post so that we can read it. If you'd like to make it unlisted, check out Medium's instructions.

The blog post should not include anything over the top including videos or audio content. If you want your blog post to stand out, put your effort into explaining the strategy and what the company could do.

Best of luck!