Curriculum that
Revolutionizes Learning

A learning system designed
to help you land a job.


Dedicated Career Coaches

While learning at OnDelta, you will start meeting with your career coach to find job opportunities. These meetings will continue until you land a job!

Real Life Experience

During our program, participants do an apprenticeship with a startup or tech company.

Part-time Sessions

Sessions are only 2 hours. Participants can work a full-time job, and take our class part-time.

Sessions Designed for Your Dream Job

OnDelta's curriculum is structured to give you the experience and expertise you need to land
a job. As you progress through the program, we assess your work to ensure you are meeting
real-world standards.

Paid Acquisition Course

Sessions are 2 hours per day Monday, Tuesday and Thursday for 15 weeks.

We cover ad platforms on Facebook, Instagram, Google, and TikTok

Creative Asset Process

Campaign Set-Up

B2B vs B2C Ads

Landing Pages


Conversion Rate Optimization

Analytics and Reporting


Weeks 1 - 6: Paid Acquisition Sessions

We cover all of the basics and in-depth topics surrounding paid acquisition. LIVE Sessions are Monday and Tuesday with project sessions on Thursdays. You will be given videos and readings every week as well.

Weeks 7 - 8: Interview Hacking

We cover the art of hacking marketing interviews. During these weeks, we will help you define the types of companies that you want to work at and teach you how to connect with decision makers at these companies.

Weeks 9 - 15: Apprenticeship

You will join a company on their paid acquisition team and work with them for 6 weeks. This is to provide you real-life experience you can put on your resume. During this time we will have sessions once a week.

Weeks 15+: Post Graduation

After graduation, participants continue to meet with their career advisors until a job is secured. Graduates can come back and audit new sessions, take part in guest lectures, and access or consistently updated growth curriculum.

Upcoming Programs

Applications close for each cohort the Friday before sessions start. Each cohort has a different start time.
Course TypeStart DateSeat Availability
Paid AcquisitionJanuary 11th, 2021Open
Paid AcquisitionMarch 15th, 2021Open

Tuition Options

Option 1. Upfront Payment

With this option, you pay us $10k upfront. These payments can be broken up into 3 monthly payments before and during the program.

Option 2. Income Share Agreement (ISA)

With this option, OnDelta is FREE upfront. Instead, as a graduate, you pay 10% of your salary over 2 years as long you're making $40k/year. This option is only for US Citizens.

Advisors and Guest Lecturers

Nelson Wang

Head of Channel Partners at Miro

Brandon Redlinger

Head of Growth at Engagio

Chris Sheng

CEO at GrowthTeam

Luanne Tierney

CMO at BetterWorks

Zack Bloom

Head of Developer Marketing at Cloudflare

Stephanie Soderborg

Director of Growth at Apartment List

Stacey Ferreira

Digital Strategy at WorkJam