Looking for a
Technical Marketer?

Work with a graduate
on a contract basis or make a full-time hire!


Top Talent, Highly Vetted

Our participants are trained using the industry’s best practices and technical marketing skills. Our course is developed with marketing executives from top Silicon Valley Companies.

We are Not an Agency

We are a cost efficient solution! We don't charge you a recruiting or staffing fee. Hire a consultant first, and if you like them you can hire them!

Remote Flexibility

OnDelta Marketers are trained in remote and in-office collaboration. We teach communication strategies to keep deliverables on track and work across multiple time zones. These are remote superstars that adapt quickly to your team’s dynamic.

A No-Risk Hiring Solution

No setup fees. No placement fees. No termination fees.

For contract work, we take care of the overhead. A project manager is assigned to your project to ensure your work is done to the best of standards. This includes payouts, assignments, and hours.

If you love them, you can hire them full-time!

We work with:
  • Agencies (whitelabel service)
  • Startups/Companies
  • Independent contractors

We don't waste time, so why are you?

Stop searching and hire talent with a bar as high as your standards.

The OnDelta Process

We make the hiring on-boarding process simple and easy.

No need to worry about withholding taxes or employment issues.

If you are interested in working with an OnDelta graduate, please fill out our form.

An OnDelta project manager will work with you to better understand your goals, marketing needs, and team dynamics.

Within 48 hours, we'll send over an official proposal and introduce you to the right marketer for your project.

Our graduates are trained to work effectively in a remote work environment. For contract work, we handle the payroll and project management.

After the project is completed, you can hire the graduate full-time if you'd like to!

Ethan Lieber

CEO of Latchel, backed by Y Combinator and Bain Capital Ventures.

"Our OnDelta growth marketer built a brand new product for Latchel to increase the top of our sales funnel. She was entirely independent and autonomous in her ability to strategize and execute while keeping our other team members aligned. OnDelta's program is ideal for any company that can leverage a mature growth marketing apprentice to test, iterate, and expand their growth marketing initiatives."

A Guaranteed Match

We match a qualified job candidate to your needs. Whether you’re looking to hire full-time or work with an OnDelta Marketer on a contract basis, we identify the right person for the job.

No Hidden Fees

We don’t charge any hiring fees for full-time or part-time hires. If you hire an OnDelta Marketer on a contract-basis, we will manage payroll.

If you decide to hire the OnDelta Marketer for a full-time position, your company pays no fees. The Marketer has signed an income share agreement (ISA) with OnDelta and this is between OnDelta and the Marketer.

Vetted and Trained By Us

All OnDelta Marketers undergo a three (3) month growth marketing program. The program verifies the marketer and their skill level for running independent, marketing campaigns. Once finished with the program, Marketers have executed real-world campaigns and demonstrated their fluency in programming languages and the industry’s preferred marketing tools.

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